Master - Proven a thousand times over

Our Master series combines all the features that are essential for fast, reliable sanding of perfect surfaces. Thanks to serial production of standard configurations these wide belt sanders deliver Kündig engineered quality, great sanding performance and maximum durability at an affordable price.


Common Features Overview

  • Full wide precision part measurement / over thickness protection
  • 53" / 1350 mm of working width
  • “Smart set” which will used the measured part thickness then position the sanding head(s) for a given stock removal. This is especially useful for veneered work pieces.
  • Engineered machine configuration for flexible yet robust sanding requirements.
  • Fixed infeed conveyor
  • State of the Art industry 4.0 controller
  • NC control and automatic grit compensation
  • Easy to use yet fully programable set up for quick access to commons sanding solutions
  • Kündig industry proven engineer solution manufactured in Germany for excellent build quality and reliability
  • Automatic intelligent “stock share” calculation and setup that adjusts your various head appropriately for the grits selection on the controller to optimize your abrasive belt life.
  • Low life cost due to Engineering, Part Selection and Innovation
  • Your choice of Platen Technology
    • Kündig’s Action Controlled ePad solution in ideal for solid material applications
      • Our air new ePad allows a consistent low maintenance method of pressure sanding for long abrasive life and optimal finish quality all while protecting the leading and trailing edges of the part due to our innovative new action control feature.
      • Kündig’s Segmented platen technology lead the industry with the ability to sand veneered pieces as well as solid material
    • Automatic part perimeter measurement
      • High speed extremely reactive segments that extend onto the part in the ideal location and at the given pressure to perfectly sand your work pieces without costly sand throughs.
      • Sanding pressure programable at the screen
      • Sanding segment placement, extend and retract all programmable.
      • Edge pressure can be also reduced to further help protect delicate veneered edges.


The Sanding Units – Established Combination

The sanding units are based on the proven combination of calibration roller and sanding pad. The number of contact rollers and the design of the sanding pad unit can be decided in the configuration. For safe workpiece guidance, there is a parallel spring-loaded steel pressure roller at the machine infeed and rubber pressure rollers between the sanding units.

Calibration Roller (R) - Foundation of Sanding Technology: The calibration unit has a grooved, rubberised sanding roller of proven hardness. It ensures optimum pre-sanding and perfectly calibrated parts. The classic sanding unit, which has been perfected over decades, combines straightforward efficiency with modern technology. For example, the "R" unit has electronic grain compensation. This means that the thickness of the inserted grit is compensated at the touch of a button by means of motorised eccentric adjustment.

Segmented Pad (Pe) - Action Controlled: This segmented sanding pad ensures perfect sanding on the edges of the workpiece. The precise insertion and retraction of the sanding segments ensures that the sanding is correct on the front and rear edges of the workpiece. The segmentation ensures that the sanding pad adapts optimally to the shape of the workpiece.

Segmented Pad (E) - Edge Controlled: For the highest demands on sanding in the edge area of the workpieces, the sanding pad "E" offers extended possibilities: For example, the infeed and outfeed of the sanding segments can be delayed or accelerated in order to modulate the sanding on the front and rear workpiece edges even better. To achieve full control also on the lateral edges, the edge pressure on the workpieces scanned at the machine infeed can be individually adjusted, which further increases flexibility. Even asymmetrical settings, i.e. separate left and right edge pressure, are possible.


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The 2 sanding units guarantee absolutely perfect and precise calibration and high quality finishing of solid wooden and veneered workpieces (veneer thickness has to be greater than 0,8 mm [0.031”]).
The amount of contact rollers determines the stock removal you can achieve in one sanding pass.
The 2 sanding units guarantee absolutely perfect and precise calibration and high quality finishing of solid wooden and veneered workpieces, including even very thin veneers.
The amount of contact rollers determines the stock removal you can achieve in one sanding pass.

Operation - quick and easy

Full control means when everyone in the company, whether young or old, journeyman or master, uses all the features down to the most specific adjustments of the sanding process instinctively and after a very short time. That is why we at Kündig have always given the highest priority to equipping our sanding machines with an operating concept that is not only logical and appealing at first glance, but also motivates the user to explore further options and thus achieve the maximum sanding quality on every surface.

  • The machine can be controlled either by analogue controls or via the touch screen.
  • Frequently repeated sanding processes can be easily saved in sanding programmes and called up as required and executed fully automatically.
  • Even without sanding programmes, the ingenious "Enormatic" automatic sanding system offers the option of automatic sanding. Workpieces are measured or scanned over the entire working width at the machine infeed, the sanding process is triggered and carried out according to the desired parameters (e.g. target thickness).
  • The PLC is Industry 4.0 ready and the machine can be integrated into all common production line control systems.
  • The touch screen can be operated even when wearing gloves
  • Intelligent safety systems: The hardware is constantly monitored by numerous sensors, which makes catastrophic application errors impossible and helps to rectify faults with indications.
  • Remote access: The machine is prepared for access via LAN, giving our support staff the ability to access it when necessary.
  • A range of USB input devices: Mouse, keyboard, camera, barcode and RFID readers, etc. * USB memory stick for backup and technical documentation
  • Statistics: Key figures such as process time, running metres and surface area can also be viewed on a job-by-job basis.