Sanders of our Technic series are machines that can be highly customized in close cooperation with our customers in order to meet their demands with maximum efficiency and performance. The modular design of our machines allows us to offer everything from simple single head wide belt sanders up to complex large scale projects containing a wide array of state of the art sanding technology. We have decades of experience with many different industry sectors and types of materials. Our layout standard is the customer's production requirement.



Solid Wood

Laminated Veneer

Veneer Flitches

Lacquer / Sand Sealer

Specialty Materials

We lead the industry sanding special materials

Available Features

  • Full wide precision part measurement / over thickness protection
  • “Smart set” which will used the measured part thickness then position the sanding head(s) for a given stock removal. This is especially useful for veneered work pieces.
  • Engineered machine configuration for flexible yet robust sanding requirements.
  • Fixed infeed conveyor
  • “Brilliant” sanding technology we offer 20-30% belt life improvement and a perfect resulting sanding image.
  • State of the Art industry 4.0 controller
  • NC control and automatic grit compensation
  • Easy to use yet fully programable set up for quick access to commons sanding solutions
  • Belt cleaning and part cleaning are action controlled and only work when a part is under that area saving you costly compressed air consumption and with our “Patent Pending “Air Sword” technology we no longer need to utilize your costly compressed air.
  • Ionization for reducing static and improved part cleaning and dust evacuation when sanding high surface energy material.
  • Kündig industry proven engineer solution manufactured in Germany for excellent build quality and reliability
  • Automatic intelligent “stock share” calculation and setup that adjusts your various head appropriately for the grits selection on the controller to optimize your abrasive belt life.
  • Low life cost due to Engineering, Part Selection and Innovation
  • Your choice of Platen Technology
    • Kündig’s Air Cushion solution in ideal for solid material applications
      • Our air cushioned platen allows a consistent low maintenance method of pressure sanding for long abrasive life and optimal finish quality.
    • Kündig’s Segmented platen technology lead the industry with the ability to sand veneered pieces as well as solid material
      • With automatic part measurement
      • High speed extremely reactive segments that extend onto the part in the ideal location and at the given pressure to perfectly sand your work pieces without costly sand throughs.
      • Show vacuum over pressure
      • Sanding pressure programable at the screen
      • Sanding segment placement, extend and retract all programmable.
      • Edge pressure can be also reduced to further help protect delicate veneered edges.
      • Asymmetrical Edge Pressure control
  • ...and many more