CNC Profile Generation

CNC sanding technology is another one of our innovations. It allows contouring with a repeat accuracy and speed that is unattainable with manual sanding or milling. The technology is well proven in instrument construction (for example guitar necks) and especially in production of skis and snowboards.

  • The sanding unit moves up and down along the Z-axis following computerdefined parameters, while the feed transports the workpiece. This is how the shape/contour is created.
  • Maximum stock removal per sanding cycle of up to 16 mm (0.63”)
  • The technology has proven itself especially in ski racing. Almost no manufacturer now runs without KUNDIG processed ski cores. Dozens of Olympic medals were won. The high repeatability is especially interesting for those customers as the individual adjustment to the drivers skis can be exactly reproduced every time.
  • CNC sanding can also be used to process materials that prove difficult to mill, such as foam, composite, honeycomb or molded plywood.